Insidious 3


Im writing this now as early as possible so everything that Im feeling after watching the movie can still be felt here, somehow. 

My best friends and I are just a big fan of horror movies and this one was one of the best I've ever seen. It made me feel more helpless like any other horror movie does to us because of the main character being cast and just had nothing to do but accept the fact that she's being haunted. You have no reason to scream, GET OUT OF THE ROOM, DON'T GO IN or RUN! you're just stuck there in your seats, hopeless.
 If you watched the trailer and got scared like me, believe me theres more to that in the movie. From the Beginning, everything just started to built up, the thrill from the demon waving at her, It was just possible to happen to any person, most likely girls and that made me scared the most after the movie. But something amazes me that its not your typical horror movie. Its another horror movie experience. It isn't just any kind of jump scare. It gives you thrill, the feel of tension and just unexpected and that made this film different from other horror films.There was one scene in the movie where she was thrown out from her bed while her 2 legs were cast, it was honestly one of the scariest part of the movie, It was the longest scare and scream we ever done EVER. How would you feel watching the demon's feet walking around your room while you're on the floor hopeless? and I just have to say, this is that kind of movie, THE MOVIE, where you just can't sleep at night or go out at night alone even.

The concept of this movie was just same about going to the Further like the other films but I can honestly say this one was the best. It was taken to another level. In this movie theres still family involve but the bond is not as strong as the other Insidious, the Fathers voice didn't really help her and her ghost mother didn't really help her that much either but somehow it worked.  But one thing I didn't really like or something thats just missing for me is that they didn't really explore and explained the origin or history of the demon thats haunting her. But over all, I still love it. Just hands down to the new director and writer Leigh Whannell.

The Prequel was amazingly connected. If you haven't watched the other Insidious film, then I suggest you do that first. Because although this is where it all begun, you would still have a hard time syncing it in. As a matter of fact, there would be some characters in the previous film that would appear in this movie thats not really explained. You would really need some time to connect it and the movie wouldn't be as interesting. But the latter part of the film, the 2 ghost hunters that also appeared in the other films, honestly just took the scary level from very high to a medium scare. I would have loved them if they acted the way they acted in the previous films, Serious and much more fitted to the vibe of the film. And I think being comedians of the movie just killed that. But we can never argue with that because them showing up in this prequel also has a big part, it was the part of the movie where Elise, Tucker and Specs met and how their dimension-jumping, spirit haunting business begun. 

It's a movie worth watching in the cinemas. It would also be great for watching horror movies with your friends at home + having a sleepover? That would be just… OMG BEST FRIEND GOALS!!! It was just the best way to end a trilogy, I guess. If there would be a four, I don't think it would be as interesting anymore. 

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