Caitlyn Jenner!!!


Why can I not talk about this… I assume everyone reading this knows who Caitlyn Jenner is. The July issue cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, who was shot by the amazing Annie Leibovitz btw, is a very inspirational  woman, no doubt about that. She inspires people to be courages, brave and to not be afraid to express themselves. AND SHE JUST EXPLODED THE INTERNET like
crazy just a few days before releasing her cover.  AND cheers to her for working that white lingerie, and just killing it. I bet everyone would be buying that issue.

Many trans genders todayy are being minorities. Caitlyn Jenner opening up just gave them that power to stand up.  I'm just proud of Caitlyn for escaping and facing her fear in life. I admire her for choosing to be free and not care what everyone thinks and choose to make herself happy. Because I know how coming out is just so hard to do especially now thats she has her own family with a woman with 2 children. 

While on the internet, two transgenders named, Crystal Frasier and Jenn Dollar  created a faux Vanity fair Cover using selfies and their chosen names.

"It just sort of clicked that we hadn’t seen many people care about minority trans women who don’t fit a very set definition of attractive, or trans women from poor backgrounds who struggled with difficult transitions, or trans women who don’t pass." - FRASIER 

Their goal was to show people that trans people are just as beautiful as other genders and to be accepted for who they are. and with that, a few days later the internet just exploded again with other transgender doing the same thing using the hashtag #myvanityfaircover. Both trans woman and men joined this inspirational movement. 

Literally everyone out there just used Caitlyns coming out story as their fuel to be free. Just be who who are, do what you want to do, live your life and stay Flawless like Caitlyn Jenner. 

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