Just Got Spotted


It's my first Just Got Spotted post and I'm really excited and hopefully lots more coming . So i hope you guys will also enjoy.

Dana and Elizah are like the twins of the class and both of them have lots of similarities, like their height , a wacky personality, a smiley face and last but definitely not the least, being a Directioner, so to all my Directioner reader out there, this 2 girls right here should be your friends. There is no day that they will not talk about 1 direction. They even printed a whole list of all the facts about the 1 direction band. When I saw that paper, I was just like "WAOH" haha they are a loyal directioner.  Everyday in class both of them and some of their friends would sing 1 direction songs and get LSS  haha.

What I also like about this 2 gals is that they are fashionable in any ways. And yesterday was just different. C'mon let's see what they wore.

Last October 31, 2012 aka Yesterday both of them wore the same style.  Now they even look more similar. haha.
 I really dont know if they are planning to be someone cause it's halloween, but I think all that matter is that they look fashionable and also appopriate for school. 
Now thats a CSB student, Creative.

What I really love about their outfits are their SHOES. Come on guys, Who can say these shoes aren't Gorgeous? On Dana, are the Studed while Elizah has the Laced ones. They are so cute I just want to steal it from them haha just kidding. But for me they are just to die for. 

So I really hope you guys love it :D 


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