Radison Blu Buffet


Christmas Break just Started! :O I can now feel the christmas spirit. To start of my christmas break, I just recently arrived at Cebu City. After waiting for my ride at the airport for 2 hours we went to Radison Blu for our dinner. The Price may be pricy but I will asure you the money you paid is worth it  if you will eat a lot (like DUH) and all their foods are all so delicious especially their Duck and Desserts. So to prove that all their food are very Delicious I will be showing some pics that I took ( we'll not all mine) of the food and the place. :D

 Trying on the Salad cause I want to be healthy! :P

 Ice CReam :D


 Christmas Decorations in Radison Blu :D Sooooo Blue! :D loving it! 


Took a Picture at the Gingerbread house. :D 

My outfit for today. Payless Boots Bench  Sweater  Mixeberry Skinny jeans and Nine West studded Bag. Christmas spirit is in! hahha :P I feel like it's already snowing here in the philippines haha. I just wish it would so we can wear stylish coats, boots and not look weird right? :D just Awhile ago when I was walking at the mall roaming around and suddenly all this people were just staring at my boots like they are celebrities or something ahha just kidding :D 
So thats It for this day :D Bye! 

XO Regine :D 

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