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Today is about what  is "In" today. While scanning at it hits me. I can totally relate. Comparing them to people i see everyday at school and blogs. So here are the photos that I found from lookbook that also inspired me to dress up more. I hope you can get an inspiration too.

1st look. TALL PLATFORM BOOT HEELS . You may not see Most people wearing this cause as a student most  would prefer wearing flats or wedges in school and boot heels may not be appropriate.  so it really depends on the opinion of the person wearing it. It really looks edgy though. But from blogs I see this shoes a lot. 

2nd look. LEATHER JACKET AND COMBAT BOOTS. leather jacket are so edgy specially paring it with combat boots. This look gives you the "girly boyish" look. Want to be edgy? this outfit is for you. 

3rd look. ANIMAL PRINTS. Since fall, animal prints have been so trendy.  In school, lots of girls wear different animals prints and look very stylish. Animal prints gives you the girly and rich feel just like this look.  

4th look. SKULLS AND CROSSES. I'm  a blogger addict. I love reading fashion blogs, watching their styles and getting inspiration from them. I have noticed that skulls and crosses has been everywhere mostly in jewelries. Matching them with unexpected outfits. like a formal outfit with skulls and cross as their accessories. Such great ideas.

5th look. GALAXY. galaxy is here on earth.  Galaxy shirts, shorts, pants etc. has been so trendy lately.   I'm also a YouTube addict and lots of DIY projects on galaxy had been much requested. Thinking that I could not pull a galaxy outfit off, NOW? I'm doubting myself.

6th look. DENIMS. Denims are getting very trendy lately. Lot of bloggers are wearing 
Denim specially Denim on Denim look. Denims look very stylish specially if your aiming a boyish look. Lots of great ideas you could make from it. 

7th look. SWEATERS. maybe, I guess, Sweater is getting "In" because of fall and winter is almost here. It is also very comfortable specially for student, like if you have a long day in a cold classroom, Sweaters are perfect. As you can see in this outfit she is wearing Tall Boot heels and a Cross prints on her sweater and necklace, just like what I have said It's getting very Trendy. 

8th look. TIGHTS OR LEGGINGS. In wearing this most people would pair them with short or skirts or even dresses, just like this outfit. If you have seen my previous blog, I had worn a dress over tights. I had been loving this kinds of look lately and it's really getting addicting. haha. 

9th look. STATEMENT JEWELRIES.  You can match statement necklace with lots of look just like this for an example, she is wearing a leather dress and a statement necklace. looks good right? It is also very stylish and gives your plain outfit more "uummffff"... 

10 look. THE BOYISH LOOK. The boyish look has been used by lots of girls lately. The look is very easy yet stylish. It's very comfortable especially on a long day at school. The look just makes you feel " OOHHH YEAH", like your the 'boss' kind of thing. 
In doing the boyish look most girls would prefer using converse, denim shorts that has the ripped effect with/or studs and some denim or leather jacket. 

11 look. STUDS. This last Style are studs. They are getting trendier this season specially DIY on shorts. So easy So Stylish. Studs also gives you the Boyish edgy look. It can be matched with anything, formal dresses, shear shirts, denim shorts or pants, bags, accessories and more. 

What I learned while checking out these outfits: NEVER BE AFRAID TO MIX AND MATCH UNEXPECTED COMBINATIONS. you will never know if it will look good or not unless YOU TRY. Explore your styles.


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