Hey guys sorry for being MIA lately, this week has been so tiring but I made it out from those Midterm Test, I'm fine and has the energy to post already. haha
 ok so It's almost Halloween guys. Do you know already you what to be? We'll if your asking me, I would definitely be a Zombie specially being addicted on watching The Walking Dead. For you, it's your choice, either you want to be Sexy, Scary or Cute. We'll in my opinion I would rather be Scary, it's halloween. But that's just my opinion. So to some of you who still have No idea what you want to be, today is your lucky day, I will be posting some recommendation and ideas that will hopefully help you on deciding.

 this video is where I also Got the inspiration on being excited for halloween. So to those who wants to be a Zombie like me, I would definitely recommend this tutorial. BEWARE, IT'S SCARY! haha

Another Scary idea for halloween. La Llorna. I really don't know who La Llorna is but she definitely looks scary, perfect for some who want to be Scary on halloween

This next video is from one of my favorite Vloggers, Macbarbie 07. she is just this Cute, pretty with the Beautiful personality girl. So from her I got this video on a DIY halloween costume, The Mad hatter, it is  scary/Cute. So if you want to be both, this is the one for you.

Ok guys, I know some of you want to be cute, so here is another video from the adorable Macbarbie07.  She has done this adorable Dorothy DIY costume. While watching this video I was like so amaze on how cute, cheap and very easy the costume is.

Hey Sexy Gals, want to be sexy right? I recommend checking out URBANOGcom for those sexy costumes that a Sexy Gal would love to have. They have this cute yet Sexy outfit ideas for you.

I know some of you wants to be a vampire on halloween. I'm not a huge fan of vampires as much I am for zombies but I just can't help it cause i know some of you are huge fans with this especially for some of you who loves watching the vampire diaries. So this video I recommend this sexy costume with a scary look. 

I think you guys already how much I love Macbarbie07 but FYI It doesn't mean I like like her, I just love her videos It's so Fun with that positive personality, Ok enough about her. I know some of you have huge celebrity fans and making them as your halloween costume,  So here are videos from Macbarie07 portraying Nicki Minaj and Carly Rae Jepsen (call me maybe). I know this  two celebrities are getting famous specially their songs most especially Call me Maybe which was so addicting for months. like i can't stop singing ( LSS). 

Ok that's it for today Guys SO I hope I had helped you on deciding on who you want to be on halloween. 

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