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Oh, how I love apple. Apple technologies just makes your life more easier and fun. I for one have been checking out on new technologies that are very useful for school and something that I can enjoy in a boring class. I know you guys can't resist a boring class too.

Introducing the New Apple Technology, Ipad Mini. It's powerful and has a beautiful HD camera. And that's the reason why I love this Technology, HD cameras. Cameras are such a big deal for me in buying a technology. especially for my reasons right now. Taking pictures on notes on the board with an HD camera is like heaven haha. I'm not over reacting or something but taking down notes on what the teacher says and write on the board at the same time and sometimes miss some points when your taking down is quite harder than I though it would be. So taking pictures on the board is an easier way to get your school work done completely.

It has 2 built-in cameras at the back and at the front. So taking portraits is not going to be a problem any more. As for the back camera you can use it for your facetime calls to let them see what you are seeing. and it's great for taking photos around you. 

It's mini, so obviously it's smaller than the usual Ipad (see picture above for difference). It's 7.9 inch,has the width of a regular pencil and what I love the most it's 53% lighter than the usual ipad. It's really light and very portable. So if your a girl/guy searching for the same thing, I guess this is the one for us. 

It has 200,000+ apps for you guys to enjoy, in my case, in a boring class. What I also love about this technology is that it's battery life will last up to 10 hours. So If your having a long day and have no place to charge yet you really need use your ipad for Wi-fi or taking down notes, I will definitely choose this one. The ipad mini has been already been updated with latest iOS 6 to make it even more advance.

So that all i can say about a review on the ipad mini, and hopefully you got amaze about this new apple technology and I also hope that I helped to those who are also searching for new technologies for school, work or just something to have fun with. 


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