Last night is the grand opening of University Pad. Lots of Sexy girls, I really mean Lots of them. We'll thats for that guys. As for the girls we have only 1 thing, Chicosci Band yet It was so Fun. 

Last night was very unexpected. In this party I was suppose to go alone. But thank God some people Table Hop in mine and there I made new friends and Luckly 1 was Hot. haha. And lastly I met Miggy Chavez from Chicosci, that made my night. So here are some footage I took from the party. 

Our hosts of the night 

Cocktails I drunk at the Party. So Delicious. 

 Mocha Girls

 Fashion show games for single Guys and Gals.

mocha girls having Fun with chosen Guys. 

Mocha girls throwing Panties to the Guys! :D 

back stage View of Chicosci performance.

and Of course, Miggy Chavez and I. 

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