DIY: Charm Bracelets


Today, I have decided to make a DIY tutorial on this charm bracelets that i have been making. SO LETS GET STARTED.

first, gather all the materials. you will need ~> 1.) Chains (any size) 2.) chordings 3.) rings 4.) Charms 5.) pliers 6.) closure 7.) scissor
1.) measure the chain as the size of your wrist. Separate it using the pliers.

2.) Attach the closure to your chain using the pliers. 

3.) measure the chording as the size of your chain leaving 1 inch extension on both sides.

4.) insert the chording on the chain. looking like this.

5.) tie a knot to secure it (both sides).

6.)  cut the extension. secure the knot using a super glue or instant glue.

This is what it will look like.

7.) Align the charms to your chain so you will know where to put them.

8. by using the pliers, open the ring.

8.) insert the charms to the ring.

9.) insert the same ring to the chain.

10.) close the ring to secure the charm connecting to your chain. Repeat steps to the other charms.


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