Lost in Hongkong


My boyfriend and I dreamed to go to Hongkong disneyland for so long but our schedules just conflicts itself when one has its chance. Just so happens that he and I had a break on the same date. We took the chance and travel as we wished. First stop was Hongkong as it is on the top of our bucket list to visit. At first I was scared because it was both our first time to travel abroad independently. I was going insane thinking about, getting lost, snatched, and things like that. But during our trip although we weren't snatched, we did get lost BIGTIME! but it was worth it. We did discover places that we never planned to see and knew the place at little well.

I would like to share some advice to those first timers travelling independently.

1. MAPS AND VOUCHERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Going around especially on your feet could be quite tiring. Maps are there to lessen that walks and be at your right destination earlier.

2. ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO VISIT THE TOURIST SERVICES. You could go to a country without an itinerary plan. WE DIDN'T. We visited tourist services as much as can to help navigate places that are worth going and how to get there. TRUST ME, they are very helpful.

3.  LOOK FOR A HOTEL THAT IS NEAR A TRANSPORTATION. Looking for a hotel could be tricky. The best way to find a convenient hotel is near a transportation like a train station or a bus stop because taking a taxi could be quite expensive. It may not be the best hotel, because you know what? you would be spending most of your time out. Ours was just beside a train station so it was easier for us to get home or roam places.

4. DONT BE SHY. Never be afraid of the locals. Interact with them and sometimes they could be quite helpful with direction and advices of the area.

5. PACK LIGHT. Pack for the right amount of clothes. Plan it out before you stuff them inside your suitcase. Always leave a space for shopping purposes. EHEM!

6. ALWAYS BRING YOUR HOTELS CALLING CARD. Getting lost sometimes is inevitable when your in a different country. For no more choices taxi is always there to help and sometimes other countries just don't understand english quite well, just show them the calling card and your good to go.

7. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR HOTEL. Saving could be quite hard when travelling. So a tip of mine is always ask what you need before your head out that hotel door. Ask for bottle of waters and as much as what your needs are that is available in the hotel. They could be helpful also when it comes to directions and bookings because they could speak english well and the local language.

I hope you got something from those few tips there could more you just have to get lost and find out. :)

 Hope you enjoy the video. watch it in HD! 

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