National Cheerleading Championship!!!!


31 more days to go before i step out on that mats. That feeling when fear just explodes in your body but you can't do anything about it, no turning back but all you have to do is smile, roar and wave to the crowd. When the music starts, everything in mind just went away and all your thinking about is the routine and to perfect the stunt. I chose to be here not win, or just to be known, I chose to be here to prove to myself that I can face my fears, to prove to my All girls team that I will always be there by their side no matter what, to prove to my coaches that I can be better and to give them what they deserve, the championship trophy,  to show the crowd that Benilde can stand up tall after falling, but most of all I chose to be here because i love it, I love what Im doing and the feeling of thrill. But what I learned for the couple of months, that no matter what issues that come to this squad we are still one, one family and I am happy to be part of that family. Lastly, I just want to say, Thank you to my coaches for giving me a slot with my 29 other sisters to compete and with that I feel honored.

Im proud to represent my school. The NCC is coming so fast. I feel excited, fear, just mix feelings. and hopefully you guys can show support to De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde as the compete this coming February 28 with the other best All girls team in the country and this year, its going to be bigger and better. 

You Can get your tickets now. Tickets are already available in all SM Tickets store! Please check the division you want to watch ( Benilde will be competing in the AG CHEER- ALL LEVELS division). Hope to see you all there. 

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