Happy Single


I, for one has been single for the longest time. There are times when I feel desperate for a partner, there are times when you finally found someone who you think has the potential to be with you but eventually realize that its just an infatuation, there are times when your heart will be aching even though theres nothing going on. But as years past i realize ,the longer I am single,
the more I respect myself. I truly believe that you don't need a man or a partner for that matter to feel fulfilled, satisfied, beautiful, worthy, to be happy. I learned how to be happy when you're alone. I'm not saying for you to be alone entirely, spacing yourself out from others but what Im saying is you can learn how to be happy, feel beautiful, fulfilled without a man saying that you are. This may sound so depressing but i learned to eat alone in a restaurant, going to the beach with myself, having adventure with myself, having an alone time in public, honestly its not, and in fact its actually good for you. You will learn about yourself and your worth. You are worthy, special and rare so don't rush into a relationship wasting your unique self to a man thats not even going to see that. Not seeing your true beauty, not seeing how lucky he is to have you.

there are times when i encounter lots of people commenting or asking me why dont I have a partner. honestly, I even ask myself that. But for some reason, I don't answer, I just laugh and realize things. Why do I need to rush on someone? what? just to say that I have a boyfriend? and eventually just have my heart broken again and again and again for being "tanga" (stupid) because (i think) im in love? haha NO NO NO! I wait. I enjoy being with my friends, and people who are close to me and so far no guy just don't match. Im not bitter or anything but i just don't want to waste my time on someone who is not even worthy of me.

So what I suggest in finding a relationship is WAIT! :)

Wait for that man who will look at you like how Flynn Rider looks at Rapunzel,

 Wait for that man who sees your worth, see your inner beauty, says your beautiful when your in your pjs with no make up on.

Wait for that man who acts weird with you. Who respects you. Who will do romantic things for you even when theres no special occasion just because he wants to. Who makes you smile and laugh every single time when you're together. Wait for the man whos there for you when you're sad, who can handle your tantrums and being bi- polar when you're PMSing. Well thats all i could think of right now hahaha

WAIT! you're patience will be rewarded! :) Love yourself first before you love others :)

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