A Letter To My Teenage Self


This has been going around lately and it inspired me so much in life. I decided to do one for myself not to teach myself about how I should live life but to remind my self that its ok.

Dear teen Regine,

           I know everything in your life right now is going well, but you also know that its not the fullest yet. You are living life just the way you wanted, full of life, adventures, true friends that you love,  you appreciate  life even when its not that much and with that Im so proud of you.
Im also proud of you for not rushing into any relationship just because of peer pressure, and the feeling of a WANT. Im proud of you for staying that childish girl (what your known for since high school) even when you're almost 20 but hey, thats your asset haha people will love that just stay true to yourself, Dance like no one is watching, sing on the top of your lungs, do crazy stuff and if people wont accept that, then they are not worthy of you. Remind yourself always, YOU ARE WORTHY! maybe "the guy" that you always wanted like that kind of girls! hahaha Dont be afraid of doing everything but receive nothing from your friends, THERE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU, if people are going to get you haha there are lots of people going to your side. You are one of the kindest person i know, that may sound arrogant and self-centered but its not. I can see that. I know sometimes you could be so rude and bitchy but sometimes in life you gotta be that way to stand up for yourself so you are not an easy target for bullies and shitty people. Dont change! :)

         No Matter how many times you call yourself ugly in front of the mirror or your the "big friend" NEVER LET THAT GET TO YOU! The time you step out of that door, be confident, put on your bitch face if you have to but never feel insecure all the time, you are not alone, EVERYONE IS. Never let that  bring you down.

         Now that you are almost leaving your teenage years, live life to the fullest. you are only living a teen once and make the most out of it. Make memories that your 20's self will laugh so hard thinking about it. Your goal to leave a mark for the future generations is still in progress but you can do it. Just work hard, do what you love to do and never give up on your dreams. Travel and photograph that catches your eye and be an inspiration. Don't be afraid to be different. Cause you know what?? Sometimes Different is better.

          Lastly, I know you still don't know what to do in your life, what job to get and now that you are almost graduating. ADVICE!! just keep going!!! no matter what the outcome is because that either could be the right path for you that now you are doubting or just a lesson passing through. Finish your course and see where it will take you. Grab every opportunity that comes no matter what it is. God has plans for you, you may not see it  yet but it will come and it will be great. :)

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