10 things that normally happens with your Best Friend


I love the idea of a best friend, the concept of it. What would we be if Best friends isn't a thing in this world? What would we be when there is just Friends aka normal people. WHAT???!??!?!?!?! NOTHING!! We all have our Best Friends and they are our best friends for reason. They aren't just what we consider as our normal people. They are our Best friends because theres something special in them that we can be ourselves around them, OUR TRUE SELF aka yourself at home ( UUHHMM >:P). So listed below are the things that every Best Friends experience that we can't just avoid cause they are our BFF and thats just how it works. Cant fight nature.

1. You can still be comfortable with each other in complete silence. Every conversation ends, somehow if it ends with normal people it kinda gets awkward... all the time.

2. You wont hesitate blurting out your secrets. No matter how deep that secret is, your best friend is always the first person you'll ever tell it to. NO HESITATIONS.

3. You are each others emergency contact number. Emergency? CRUSH EMERGENCY?  HEART BROKEN? LIFE PROBLEMS??  your best friend is always there no matter what the circumstances is THEY ARE GOING TO BE THERE in one call.

4. You deal with each others bull shit. You accept each others flaws and crayness and you still love hanging out with them.

5.Memories are endless. SPEAKS FOR IT SELF! Best Friends are the best right?

6. Boys are just a bonus. Should we even go here? Best Friends are always first priority and thats always a must. just sayin.

7. Hate of One Hate of all. Its just how this best friend thing works. You can't fight it. Deal with it.

8. their parents treat you like you're of their own. Every Best Friend is surely introduced to the parents/family and they are always going to be somehow part of the family. Even though sometimes it gets pretty annoying.

9. Money is not an issue. If one of your friends need it, you’ll spot them. Case closed Ow men ... ALWAYS! we can't help it, sometimes we just go broke well who else can lend you money other than your best friend? paying it back or nah.

10. So what if you spend some time apart? When you get back together, it’s like no time has passed at all. Long Distance Friendship can happen especially in college but unlike LDR, all LDF works (i guess).

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