Commited to the Gym


Getting fit and healthy is always a dream of mine. Getting that "strong" body ( but not that bulky) is always sexy for me rather than skinny. Having muscles is no shocker to my body type. I have a very muscular body and big boned (yes, i believe in big boned soooo.. no judgements) since Im also cheering its already in my nature now. But what I hate about my body is that, its not toned and obviously I just love food so I sometimes get bloated. Regret always comes to haunt me every time I eat a lot, or miss to do an exercise.

Since its summer and its the only time of the year where I can find time for myself to do some workouts and eat healthy. This summer of 2015 I decided to be dedicated to the gym. Yes I lift weights not to gain more muscles but to be toned and to not lose my strength and endurance in cheering since I wont be training for months. Basically, Im doing this for my self and more my team. 

My whole life, from ballet, dance, cheering and wherever, I had been asked to lose weight. Sometimes I really got sick of it sometimes I just expect it when I join some active sports. People joked about me being fat, big, having longganisa fingers hahaha Im just so sick of hearing these comments about me. So its also one of the reason of getting fit this summer. I want them all to say "DAMN SHE GOT HOT THIS SUMMER" so basically those people are my motivations hahaha 

 I  know its only been a week but I feel very happy, healthy, and fit.  Working out can make you feel better about yourself, you may not see results yet but atleast you feel better and thats matters most. So far my experience has been great, its really fun working out at the gym, I don't know why some people hate it and thinks its boring. All the staffs are greats, they are always willing to help when it comes to using the equipments and new exercises thats really effective for you and thats what I love about going to the gym there are people who can help you. 

I don't know about you guys but working out has been fun for me instead of something dreadful. I can Seriously wake up and be excited to workout. But I admit there are just times when i feel unmotivated but it doesn't stop me. I push myself. Its better to fight my lazy self to go the gym than regret not going and believe me, after working out after pushing myself,  I felt satisfied, happy and regrets not taken. 

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