Granny Panties Making a Come Back?


I dont know if you heard but granny panties are making a come back and believe me its not as outdated as you thought it would be. The First thing that came to mind when I first read the title of the article, I thought it would be funny, a joke but the thing that I got right was Retro.

Granny Panties are very Flattering to any body type. To those who are not really into thongs and you're the opposite of thongs then granny panties might be your answer. Covers your flabs, gives more shape to your body, covers that ass but when your pants are tooo skinny and not high waisted (EHEM ASS CRACK EHEM!) and you know, MODESTY.

Granny Panties are great if your into artsy panties. It has room for more designs, stitches. More spaces for letterings in your butt. Who says only Juicy can be lettered on your panties?. Another thing about this Granny Panties, its really perfect and very flattering to your side butt and thats what makes it sexy to sleep in.

Credits to the owner of these photos.

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