What college was like. ( FASHION STUDENT)


I am so excited to announce that I am officially graduating! It was hell of a ride. I surely had some ups and downs during my journey and today Im going to share to you guys my experiences and how college shape me to the person I am today.

Moving to the big city was one of the hardest part of my college life. I got homesick all the time and it was really hard for a 16 years old girl to adjust while meeting new friends for the fact that I'm an introvert and school works at the same time. Probably I would make a different blog post on what moving to the big city alone like. But, for me to able to cope that part of my journey I joined organizations to distract myself from getting bored and thinking all of that.

Joining the PEP squad saved my college life. And for my readers who are moving to a different place for school I highly recommend joining an org. I surely assure you it will save your life. And not only it can distract you but it can shape you to a better person. It helped me to be an opened minded person to different kinds of people, personalities and situations. It helped me as to productivity, to have time management and to be punctual. Even learning a skill for example, I learned to be disciplined, patient and to never give up. A lot of life lesson that could help you in the future when you join an org.

Academics was honestly a struggle. Im not saying that Im dumb or stupid. All our works are all hands on and technical. As a fashion student, we are expected to learn and be good at sewing and designing. But its not that easy. Sewing and patterning was never in my interest and for sure not the reason why I took the course. I am fully aware that theres going to be these things in the process. But isn't that in most courses? Sometimes we are just not interested of the subject itself and we are forced to take it or MOSTLY happens all the time, we hate a subject and not get interested of it because of the professor. And when you hate it already, you don't take it seriously. Your works a mess, and get low grades. And not only that, the professor and you wont have the same taste of work all the time. But theres some out there that will always stick to there taste and lets you change your work. And in the long run it would just piss you off and not take the work seriously. Thats why my portfolio is a mess right now haha. Learn from my mistake people.

But Im not all rant here. There are good sides to it all. In the fashion industry, you and your client wont always have the same taste and you can't follow your style always either. You have to change it to the way your clients please. So that also taught me in the hard times of college. Its not always bad, you just have to see the good side of it.

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