The Age of Adeline


Just a little reminder, there might be some spoilers
you'll encounter here. So If you haven't watched the movie yet, I suggest you do that first. 

Don't just some of you dreams to be immortal?  Be young forever? Even I think that would be an incredible blessing. Imaging the things I would do if I were one. Probably do the things I desire now, again and again and just live life to the fullest,  right? Thats probably what everyone thinks when immortality ever exist. But don't you just ask yourself about your future? will you ever appreciate growing old? Will we ever settle for someone? 

This movie is just like magic broken down in science in a very beautiful way. The narrator just added that feel of fantasy. It was like watching a princess in real life with a very deep story. I admire the concept of the movie. One way to describe this was the last word of Adeline "perfect". From being full of life, fun, dreamy romance to something deep and depressing. And can I just give credits to their date under the stars while on the vintage car was just romantic.

It was very nostalgic when she meets or remembers her past and I just I have to say, It was amazingly done. Her transition over the years was not confusing at all.  As a matter of fact the way she transforms she just gets prettier and prettier. Cheers to her for working her looks very flawlessly. From hair to her clothes. And I must say, she's just as fashionable in real life. The Fashion Transition from the 1908 to the present was just on point. It was just breath taking. 

As much as perfect her life may seem, I still pity her for being immortal for decades. I pity her because running away from the truth that she doesn't even know the reason to was her only option to live her life. I pity her because she has to sacrifice her love and with that she's living life with fear everyday. Honestly, sacrificing her love was just the most depressing part of the movie,
that it could have been your destiny but chose to run away because you fear how your life will seem and what people may think.  It has a very deep meaning to it that this future generation is just not capable of accepting. BEAUTY ISN'T EVERYTHING. Loving someone just based on looks wont get you no where. As we grow older, we age. Our looks wont last forever. No matter what we do we all just need to love the person who they really are and if they are very accepting of you. Beauty is just the first attraction but it wont get you anywhere. Be capable of change.

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