Jurassic World


Ok Let me start by saying that this may be a movie thats hard for me to review. I love the movie but my thoughts about it is like a roller coaster. I'll even try to have less spoilers as possible.

Jurassic World is about this theme park full of Dinosaurs with cool rides, activities to be fully up close with these animals and in order for them to get more visitors, they had designed a bigger, more teeth and much more "crueler" as what the movie said kind of Dino. From what we know, Dinosaurs eat people and Im just gonna leave it to there. ( ok so I just spoiled something haha)

CHRIS PRATT. OMYGASH!! he is just my favorite character in the movie. He is the most likeable one. He has great charisma, very smart, very good in the action scenes and again OMYGASH!! his connection with the raptors moved me in someway, THAT LOYALTY THOOO!!!!! EHEM!!!.  He was just perfect for the movie.

BRYCE HOWARD. Uhm... this is where I go blank.. OK, let me just start by saying, her character just started to be a character I hate in every movie. THE ALWAYS RIGHT! It simply means its the character where he/ she always thinks is right that destroys the plan of the person who's trying to do a heroic thing because she can't accept she's wrong. The first 30 mins just made me hate her so bad!! but as the movie moved on, Her character change abruptly in a good way and she somewhat became the knight in  shining armor  in the end IN HIGH HEELS!!! YUP! -______-

TY SIMPKINS AND NICK ROBINSON. OMYGAD!!! NICK ROBINSON WAS JUST THE PERF GUY. haha He was Beautiful, Smart, ugh my heart always melts when he is trying to save his brother or just comforting him. CRUSH ALERT! MOVING ON! they just seem to be the main characters of the film in the trailer. But thats what I love about trailers like that, they take you to another point of view but when you watch the movie you'll just get surprised. I don't know, but them on the movie was just a deception to add more actions to the film and it was not bad nor good but it was smart.

In this generation its either you hate or love the movie but when you're somewhere in between you just have no words to express your thoughts. I honestly love the movie, there may be some flaws but I enjoyed it. It was kinda a predictable movie, most of the characters I thought would die actually died in the movie. most of the shit that I predicted would happen actually happened. BUT!!!!!  the twists in this movie was just HOLY CRAP!!! IT WAS SO COOL! Im not going to go further because I don't really want to give more details but hands down I really love it.

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