Haul: Before the Holidays


For the past few months, I have been slowly disposing my unused clothes and try to give them to the less furtunate as possible, and slowly my closet becomes a dessert. But for those months, I have been so busy to go shopping for new ones. Now that its the holidays (I know its late yeah whatever) I tried to shop for christmas gifts and for myself as well.

I was about to do a Christmas Haul but unfortunately I heard that some people are still going to send me some so Im just going to wait for that and do a Haul that I bought for myself instead.

1. I got myself a Fred Perry sling bag. I just love the pattern in it and Maroon and Olive green is my new fave colour now soo haha. 

2. The next I got from Fred Perry is a Polo shirt. Just the classic navy blue with patterns on the collar. 

3. I went to HnM, although it was sooo crowded but I did find some good stuff. First I got a fur pillow case. I got one of this in my condo and its soooooo comfy to sleep in. 

4. This is actually a laundry bag but I would be using this to carry my dress form to school. Its the perfect size. YEY! 

5. I got 2 belts. A waist belt and a "normal" belt. Of Course I got all Black. 

6. Finally a dress! I think this is going to be my New Years Eve dress. I just love it so much. It fits me and its black and white. 

7. No Matter what, Forever 21 is my must go shopping outlet. 
Yup, another dress. this one is a little bit different. Its not my usual style but I took a chance to fit it and WOW! the fit look great. So Its turtle neck but believe it or not its not hot to wear because of the lightweight material. 

8. I got some new undies cause why not! >:P 

9. Most of the clothes that I bought are all dark. Then I found this T-shirt Dress thats all white, the material is great, Its not light but its not hot either. I actually wore this at a Christmas party that I went to matching it with the Belt that I got from HnM and I was comfortable the whole night. 

10. This is just a normal shirt. Its a lightweight corduroy. Again, I wore this one friday night at a bar and it was not tiis-ganda. In choosing clothes sometimes you just have to choose whats comfortable even when it looks not so out of the ordinary. Styling is key. 

11. I got myself some new socks because I just don't know why, Socks are just like hairpins, One day they're there and the next they're not. This is from HnM and the ankle socks are from SnR. 

12. Lastly we went to SnR. I got some Lactacyds feminine wipes. Because I have been out a lot this past few days and whenever I need to go most of the bathrooms they just don't have tissues!!!! and we have to clean it down there. So I got myself a pack of these. They are handy as well so I can pop them in  my bag anytime. 

13. I've been wanting to try dry shampoos so I got myself one. If you know me, I don't wash my hair everyday, That may sound gross to some of you but did you know washing your hair with shampoo everyday is not good? YUP! So this is really helpful for me. I can use this on my non washing days. (I usually do this: 1st day: Shampoo and Conditioner 2nd day: Conditioner 3rd day: No Washing day) 

14. I never heard of this before but it intrigued me. I dont know about you but for me its lotion that they made it into spray. haha and its actually not bad, it smells good and it moisturised my skin well.

15. FOOOODDDD!!!!! Arizona because I love Arizona DUH! Agave and Oats because you know healthy and yeah -_- chocolates

16. This is actually late because I wore it going back home from Cebu. So this is actually from HnM. I love it so much. I already wore this twice now and I got lots of compliments on this one too. Its a turtle neck sweater but its not hot at all because again its lightweight material. Good for the weather here in the Philippines. 

17. Last but not the least. I got some new high waisted shorts. The reason for buying this shorts was so I can wear my HnM sweater going home. I didn't brought any shorts with me so thats why. haha and it turned out to be a nice quality shorts. no regrets buying this. I got this from Forever 21.

So thats it for my haul that I did during my Christmas shopping in Cebu. I love everything that I bought sad to say that I wasn't able to buy new pairs of shoes (stan smith haha) but that will come in the right time. God has plans haha. 

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