How was my Christmas Break?


A very rusty, dirty background for a girly rebel girl. 

So far, my Christmas break has been great. I have been spending a lot of time with my friends and with my boyfriend. Everything from night outs ( even when its not the weekend), roadtrips to Cebu, watching movies indoor, or just strolling around the city but for me although I didn't do much I was just blessed that I got to come home to be with my friends and family and for me thats the only thing that matters. The year is almost over and ITS TOOOO FAST!! :((( yup! Im one of those people who just can't let go, well, 'hard' to let go of the year. I just wish I could do all the fun experiences this year again. Its so sad. But thats out of my control now so we just have to move on and look forward to a new experience next year. Hope you guys are having the best christmas break. See you all Next Year. 

Bottom: Forever21
Sandals: Parisian
Bag: Lacoste 

Photo by: Mariana Varela 

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