2016 Goals


Happy New Year everyone. Updating my blog with a goal because new years resolutions are too mainstream haha. Starting this post with a throwback of 2015. 2015 for me was a bumpy ride to a beautiful destination.

I started the year with a blast by winning the national championship at NCC. It was the best feeling that all your hardwork and sacrifice paid off. I spent most of my time with my Negros friends going to the beach, roadtrip to cebu, chasing the sun and of course one of the highlights of my 2015 was Sinulog (thank you pope for coming to the philippines, I had my break >:P). During the middle part of the year where I had my longest summer ever in my life aka 5 months summer vacation. For me the only best thing happened that summer was my bestfriend became my boyfriend and I thank God for that because he was truly a blessing. But LDR wasn't fun at all, it was the worse feeling leaving everytime I come home. Its all about trust now and staying strong. Depression was also a big part of my 2015. Being independent, living alone in a big city, long distance with everyone in my life, stress in school and just everything in general. During that time of the year, it was just a downfall for me. But I stayed strong and I faced it. I ended the term happy and positive. I got a 3.6 GPA last term and it was the highest grade I got my whole life haha. I was happy I got to go home for Christmas Break and made my stay worth while. And Now I'm back to reality, back to being independent.

 Im going to share with you now my 2016 Goals:

1. To be strong and positive all the time.
2. To be more adventurous and take risk, I wont doubt myself anymore and just do it, no more questions.
3. To be more organize on my school works and events. 
4. To go out more and enjoy what life can bring.
5. I'll try to blog more often this year haha
6. To Capture every best memory.
7. To reach out more and make friends.
8. TRY to be more healthy haha and do more cardio.
9. Lastly to be just happy all year. 

Dress: HnM
Heels: G by Guess
Belt: HnM
Bag: Fred Perry

Photo by: Mariana Varela

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