NCAA season 90 is now over. Although Benilde loss the championship trophy this year yet still didn't stop them from partying with one of the Philippines aspiring Djs, DJ Ace Ramos and to celebrate the success they have for their respective teams. I for one is grateful of what my team accomplished this year, all the hardwork and sacrifices that each of us gave is just heart whelming. Moving on, Im going to be showing some of my shots of the event. Most of my shots are from the pep quad because I was with the them most of the time haha. 

 The football team showing off their usual comedy performance that the Benildean community love. 

 My bully in the squad also my favourite shot of the night. 

My beautiful co- senior member,  Mara Gollena 

 One of the squads couple. #relatioshipgoals 
 Senior fyler and gymnast, Jasmin Yu

 Singing our Alma Matter
 (second favourite shot) 
 "lara sisters"
 Rookie Flyer

 Partying with Ace Ramos
 Mara showing of her dance skills. 

XX Regine Ong

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