Bali is one of my most relaxing trip I've been to. Living in front of the beach and getting that fresh air right when you wake, is just something i don't get here in the big city. That feeling of satisfaction and "aaahhh's" is just amazing. Our trip in Bali was not planned at all. everything from our activities and where we will eat are arranged on that day itself by our very kind receptionist or just walking around letting fate lead us where to go. Our trip was very successful, although we hadn't got the chance to see more of their beautiful place but I was satisfied. 

 the walking around in their "city" and getting lost is very tiring, honestly. haha

 went Rafting and it was so much Fun!!! especially when you are encountering deep rocks, (dangerous but so fun) 
 the Tanah Lot Temple

 I even learned how to surf. My first surf experience and it was so much fun yet tiring. 

and Believe it not. in my first lesson. I was able to stand up on my own. i just felt overwhelmed because i never thought i would stand up on my first lesson. a day well spent indeed. 

most expensive coffee world, LUWAK COFFEE

 My first Elephant ride. Our elephant was soo friendly, just saying. haha

 The monkey palace was very fun to go. I had lots of shots of them. they were pretty scary cause we were warned that they could get aggressive but they were just to adorable especially the young ones.

 One thing about Bali, Their sunsets are just amazeballs. That beautiful yellow orange sun just makes you feel calm. 

 we also watched their cultural dance, with fire. 

relaxing beside the beach watching the sun goes bye bye :( 

 I got myself a piña colada :)


 ow you know, just being a photographer -.- . see how amazing the sunset is. can't get over how beautiful it is. 

 thanks for reading. :')

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