I just started reading Meg Magazine. In that because I thought it was going to be boring. I'm that kind of reader who need Pictures, Colors and "Teeny" stuff to be entertained. I'm not the reader kind of girl. But after reading my first Meg I though We'll you know want they say, "dont judge the book by its cover" ahah. At that first Meg Mag I read, I learned a lot especially fashion and make-up. I bought Meg magazine because I thought I needed change. I can't always stick to one magazine, Candy.  Even though Candy is perfect for my personality, I always have that feeling that I can't always be reading fashion in 1 source. Fashion got bigger in my head since I took Fashion Design and schooling in a school full of Fashionistas, stylist, and bloggers ahha. Watching them made me even more conscious on what I wear. But anyways I gonna share some Fashion Trend that I learned from Meg Nov issue. So here it goes. :D 

It's time to give girly fashion a break and get ready with strong and fierce military style. It's time for us girls to run the world and give the guys a break, Fashion Style. From mini dress, jackets or coats, caps, long dresses, and even laces, Military trend is  a best way for this season to give those outfits more edgy. For some of you who really want's to go boyish, oversize coats or jackets thats black, neutral or even camouflage, black baseball cap, pants or dark skirts and as for footwear you could go for boot heels or combat boots. want a girly mix? no worries Meg taught me also that. In order to add some feminine side, you could go for stilettos or pump, what I recommend are black or dark colors. You could also go for laces and pair it with neutral colors in balzers, coats and/or skirts. To not over power the lace which is giving the girly effect and to not disturb its look, you could always rock the Zero accessories. So enough sharing let pictures we go. YEY! :D

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